A few things to know about Julie Andree T. Apr 26, 2012

by Jessica

The work of Quebecois artist Julie Andrée famously difficult to describe. Here are a few quick things to help you get familiarized with her before she arrives next week.

While Julie Andrée T. frequently works on the stage, her studies go back to her time in the Studio Arts at Concordia University. Her craft is well rooted in the visual arts and she has been the guest artist Faculty at the School of Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) where she taught performance art.

Julie’s focus is body and space. She uses the body as a space and vehicle for metaphors and poetry and tries to reach a place where personal identity is lost.

Critics frequently refer to the how hard it is to talk about her work, but how worth it is to experience. Montreal’sThe Hour had this to say after the seeing the performance at the Festival TransAmérique: “What she does on stage had me, hours after the show, putting my hands on a friend's shoulders and saying, ‘Listen to what I just saw; you won't believe it; brace yourself — it sounds crazy but it's awesome.' " - The Hour (Montreal)

Julie Andrée T. was invited to the Avignon Festival in 2010 to present Not Waterproof and Rouge. She has collaborated with various artists such as Jacob Wren, Martin Bélanger, Xavier LeRoy, Benoît Lachambre and Dominique Porte, and has been a member of the collective performance group Black Market International since 2003.