Feminist, Naked and Funny as Hell Apr 10, 2013

by Richard Lefebvre

I came to this show knowing that everyone was naked and they were feminists, really not much else. I had heard the director liked to take things to the extreme which sounded exciting. I haven't had much experience with feminism directly, although I have had some experience with nude performers. Lots in fact, everybody I know in a band has played naked at one time or another, so much so the clubs had a clause that said if you showed your pubic hair they wouldn't pay you. None of these performers were women however, much less feminists I'm guessing.

There was one band called The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, they were naked and women, and lots of people in the audience got naked as well. I was standing close to the front when one woman in a sort of toga outfit with a rope belt had opened up the front of her garment and was dancing next to me and her belt got hooked on my chain wallet. Every time she wiggled it pulled me toward her and she was beginning to look alarmed. When I got my hands on that belt she pulled away which pulled me closer to her and we bumped heads and I tried to get close to her face to explain what was happening and she looked truly panicked. Luckily I freed myself, her boyfriend was clearly pissed off  and they looked at me like I was a legitimate rapist my goddam self, as I skulked off.

So I took some anti anxiety pills in case this thing got out of hand and headed down, Lane gave me a drink that in itself was excessive and as I was waiting I wondered what series of events would have me naked on stage doing shit like this and I could't think of any. Then they came out naked right next to me and for a second I thought they might pull audience members out and force them to get naked or be a total pussy but this didn't happen and I was starting to relax.

It was fairly obvious right from the beginning why they were naked though, instant sculptures appeared one minute they were a singular shape and then they were Edward Weston photos, morphing into a painting of Ancient sort of religious feminists, all of which, which was awesome. Plus they were funny as hell I thoroughly enjoyed this and I wanted to hang out with them, these people rule.