Familiar Mar 4, 2016

by Dylan Ward

Coming out of tonights performacne of "Yellow Towel" all I can think is that I saw things that were familiar, but not to my life. There's a specific separation between me and the person I saw or might of seen onstage (the character) that I simultaneously wanted to be empathetic towards but never in the same situation.

What is to be done when you recognize something, or think you do?

Do you call it out? Do you try to help?

We might be tempted to say this speaks volumes, but what are we saying to ourselves?

In a sense, we always see ourselves when we watch a character; they are made from the threads of recognition we have; indeed the character of anyone is the same. The person we see we see because we recognize them to be similar to someone else, reinforcing who you thought they might be, and making the whole situation dangerously, and speedily inaccurate.

So what is to be done?