Ezra Dickinson: Dinosaurs and Sea Hawks Oct 27, 2016

by Erin

Enter the world of artist Ezra Dickinson with this short film, Dinosaurs and Sea Hawks (2014), made by Dickinson with artist and OtB alum Linas Phillips. 

From Dickinson's website:
"Inspired by creating performance gifts for his schizophrenic mother Dinosaurs and Sea Hawks is another story in Ezra Dickinson’s ongoing performance work. The dinosaur mask is intended as a reminder of child hood and quite literally a mask to hide from the harsh reality of the world through Ezra’s mothers eyes. Sleeping under a bridge is a man and his dinosaur mask. Waking up, he walks in to the heart of the city and puts on his mask. A friend a stranger a kindred soul emerges and the mask is passed off and traded. The man watches then walks away with a Sea Hawks hat."