Ezra Dickinson Collaborators: Paurl Walsh Nov 2, 2016

by Erin

Paurl Walsh is a composer of electronic music, modern classical chamber music, music for dance and theatre, and experimental rock.  Writing and performing throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, he has been a core member of the hyper-experimental performance art/music groups Degenerate Art Ensemble, Implied Violence, and St Genet. He founded experimental hardcore band X-Ray Press, electronic pop group Rainbows, electroacoustic duo Medina/Walsh, and solo electronic act Trying. 

He has scored many stage works for choreographers and theater artists such as Kyle Loven, Ezra Dickinson, Paige Barnes, Paris Hurley, PE|Mo, and Maya Soto. He also runs ExEx Audio, a creative recording studio centered around working collaboratively with artists to help them better express themselves through sound.