Experience as a guest Curator for 12 Minutes Max – Blog #2 Jun 18, 2008

by markb_admin

Both shows turned out great. By circumstance the first was on Father’s Day which we acknowledged and the second happened to be the first day that same-sex couples could be married in California[which are recognized in Washington State], which we also acknowledged. The performers were great in both shows, but in general they were a little more relaxed and into their characters in the second. As a curator I wanted the experience to be a little different for the audience as well, so in celebration of the last 12 Minutes Max of the season the most successful season yet, John and I served delicious cake from the Macrina Bakery during intermission. It seemed to be appreciated by the audience and also the performers who were able to partake. Being a first time curator was a transcendent experience which I recommend to anyone interested in the arts, but on reflection my job was very easy compared to the artists who were in the show as well as the ones who auditioned. Even though John and I had to agonize about who to put in the show and who to leave out to make a compelling show, it was nothing compared to the effort put in by all the performers to create something original and make themselves vulnerable to the dictates and whims of strangers who controlled their 12 Minutes Max fate. Thank you to all the performers, John, and all the people at On the Boards who made this a great and wonderful experience. -Mark Chandler