Erin Jorgensen | Concert Two Dec 9, 2014

by Erin

The second free concert in the series of six went down on Sunday, Nov 30th at 5pm. The audience was seated in the dark rehearsal room with the performance happening in the voms and back hallway. 

Photos by Chelsea Williams and Basil Harris. Scroll down for source materials.

Sources used in piece: JS Bach: Cello Suite 2 in D MinorSimone WeilGravity and Grace; Vic Chesnutt: Supernatural; A Little Ramble: Robert Walser; The Breeders: Off You; spam emails; How to Contact Spirits:; When You Wish Upon a Star, arr. Yokiyoka Takayoshi; original music & text. Additional vocals by Richard Lefebvre and Karn Junkinsmith.

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