echoes of so many things that had come before Apr 19, 2013

By Brett

The Finale is a fantastic night of entertainment. Or course, my view of it may be skewed a bit by the fact that I have been following the entire Collision Theory project for the better part of a year. And that journey was the basis for a lot of what I loved about the show. It's great fun to see little pieces of so many of the previous events show up in the final show. From the text, to the music, to the movement, there were echoes of so many things that had come before.

But that's not to say that one had to be a devoted follower of the project to enjoy the show. While all of those bits were fascinating to the core group of fans, the show still stands very well on its own. The relaxed atmosphere of the opening and the transformation of the OtB space gave the show a much more intimate presence than the 230 seat capacity might suggest.

The music from KT, Ivory, and Scott Colburn is terrific, and the company of dancers is outstanding. The combination of the music, spoken word, and dance has a great balance that gives the show a wonderful, relaxed aura. The choreography suggests that a lot of planning has gone into the performance, but the presentation often gives the feeling of something that is happening in the now, off the cuff. It's a very cool thing to behold as it all meshes together.