The Drama of Nothing...and Everything! Apr 15, 2011

by Eric Pitsenbarger

This apartment looks very much like Serge himself. A child/man's playground. A long room of blank white walls, empty space on one side and in the other a ping pong table littered with various half constructed models, small TV and VCR, colored wire, bags of chips, cans of silly string. Sliding glass doors cut into the wall reveal a lush green garden, that also has the odd effect of being within a terrarium. Around the table, leaning up against the walls are bags of various collected everyday items; arranged as a set, these mundane constructs take on an iconic glamour that solicits further, deeper and wry consideration. An installation of blank walls, lurid purple shag carpet, low hanging industrial lights, pop culture flotsam arranged 'just so' already tell a story of who lives in this private arena; and when Serge arrives from outside on the triumphant blast of Wagnerian strom und drang dressed as astronaut, explaining that this is how the last performance ended, that the end is the beginning, we've so effortlessly been planted full body into the terrarium of Serge's world...relishing the exploration of wonder that is yet to come. Perhaps the nuances of that small electric helicopter will be reviled! Those cans of Pringles popped! 

The fog machine pumps enough atmosphere to surround Jupiter, Serge's gangly astronaut form and flashlight cutting through he points out the particulars of the apartment, explaining in electronically distanced, space helmet covered third person narration how Serge will entertain invited guests with short three minute performances. Experienced through the contrived swirling drama, the bronzed lay-out of stuff and light show and 'other worldly' character we are the invited guests observing in gentle ways, the value of the every day and elegant, sweet power even the most mundane of objects and fleeting moments have.

The story continues and there is more. Delight and whimsey are partners with delicious melancholia that infuses Serge's world. Funny little surprises and noted appearances, moments of child-like purity that speak so eloquently of a man's delicate and vast spirit, our own...give sacred permission to revel in life's infinite wonder.