Dragons & Ghosts Sep 11, 2015

by Marielle Guin

La mélancolie des dragons is an idea of a creation for a theme park, that originated from the imagination of seven long-haired rockers. While stuck in the snow during a tour, they meet Isabelle, who came to help them with their car and inform them that it will take 7 days before they are able to run again.

Their idea of passing the boring time is to show Isabelle what the new park is.

As much as a simple idea can be, in this new wave of show, you are brought back on the new technologies becoming obsolete today but with a good laugh for an hour and half. The spectator will just wait to see how more simple can be the new thing they will have in their trailer. The melancolie is a glance at the past brought by a Dire Straits’ song, redone on the flute, or how a simple jet of water can transform your world. Could the dragons just have been ghosts of the past?