don't miss 12MM tonight! Nov 23, 2009

by Tania Kupczak

I'm proud the show flows so nicely. It surprised me how 'solo' and 'dance trio' the show is. Duh. Interesting that I had several artists in the evening comment to me how their piece felt out of place with the others. There is no place, which makes them all in place—an entertaining and stimulating place. Read: Bake You A Cake choreographed by Gabriel Bruya is a fifties fantasy dream kitchen with rustic American dresses and stiletto heals, sweeping the floor with sweet smiles, inviting you right in the eye. I could taste those cakes. Jose Amador's El Hijo Prodigal de Boricua spooked my shit, energetically conveying a true Santeria (Christian/Voodoo) tale about his family in Puerto Rico. Why did I feel for that whipped black bird? Tamer Abdo's Stigma flowed in dichotomies: lithe and powerful, sultry and harsh, peaceful and brittle. His finger-play in the light, and sultry caress up his neck and through his hair turns me on and then he violently flogs his body to the stage. His life and story are tremendous. Ask him about it. I Love You, I Hate You Mike Pham white feather leotard ice gymnastic dance body bag wrestle twirl and spin triple axle glitter added face drip. Should I laugh or hurt? Little Man Monk by TWIG Theater defies explanation. He is live, he is being, more than I am in a year. Karin Stevens Dance's And You Will Renew the Face of the Ground to me swims in water above the stage. The dancers undulate through arches and waves (the hand-kind). I don't know why it is so watery to me, as apposed to ground. Love it though. Charles Smith's Tassel In Black is a freakin' hysterical and retarded graduation speech. He IS the smartest kid in the school. I've had a wonderful time hanging with the OTB, taking pride in the work of others I've been lucky enough to witness before others. In retrospect, the hardest part about curating is declining good artists who auditioned with entertaining pieces. (These should be called showings, not auditions, by the way.) But in the end curating is about connecting a flow to the evening. In this we succeeded with flying colors. My twelve year old daughter said it was surprising, interesting, and fun. Pretty much sums it up. - curator K. Brian Neel