The dividing line or frontier Nov 9, 2012

by Danielle

Border - the dividing line or frontier between political or geographic regions 

I use this definition because it articulates with a word that place we find ourselves facing all too often if we were to open our eyes. How many borders must we cross to get where we are going?

My Abuelita lived and raised all her children in a village outside of Guadalajara. She journeyed across the border 14 times to bear children before officially immigrating to California when my father was 16. Speaking little English he was placed in 8th grade and was the only grammar school student to own a 1947 Buick. Working hard from a young age in a bakery proved fruitful. The American dream was alive and well, and before long my father owned several properties, had 4 children in private schools and a wife, whom he helped educate, bringing home extra bacon. With encouragement from my mother he quit his bakery job and bought a liquor store. As a “Businessman” he was wooed by the Reagan revolution self-made syndrome and over the course of 30 years of indoctrination acquired a disdain for his own. He found support in the church and enjoyment in sending his sons raunchy political cartoons and jokes via email. This practice halted abruptly one day when my father sent out an online game called “Border Patrol” where the object is to keep them out at any cost, mainly shooting the cartoon token Mexican characters running across the border. What border had he crossed?

I tell this story to illustrate that borders exist all over. People die every day because of borders. Borders which contribute to poor health, inhibit education and consume our precious energy to simply live, be free and pursue happiness.

The Teatro Linea De Sombra presentation of Amarillo is a show not to miss. It is not only visually stunning and entertaining, but it delivers a punch to the gut, and lingering tingling hard to dismiss. I could go on and on about the bleeding heart, sand shower, wall scaling, train ride, cigarillos and throat singing. This is a show for your senses complete with smells, sounds, texts, textures and 360 degree visuals. There is not an empty inch of the entire Mainstage side to side and top to bottom, To fill me up even more, I am taking the Master Class.

About 10 minutes into this piece I became aware that I too have spent the last years trying to cross the border. Where on the other side I would secure my family’s future, have a better life, keep my home. “I look at the North but the North does not look at me” American Dream-Desaparecido.