Diana Szeinblum and Tonya Lockyer and "The Wicked Fairy of German Ballet" Oct 21, 2009

by Jessica

Local dancer/choreographer/OtB alum/smarty pants Tonya Lockyer just recorded a podcast for OtB in relation to Diana Szeinblum's Alaska. Here are some things I learned while listening to it:
-When Pina Bausch (who  Diana Szeinblum both danced for and studied under)  took standard productions like Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker from the lineup of the Wuppertal she earned the nickname "The Wicked Fairy of German Ballet."

-Artists who have said they are influenced by Bausch include Peter Brook, Tim Etchells, Anna Theresa De Keersmaeker, Robert LePage and The Wooster Group.

-In dance history, expressions of female rage, desire or violence have frequently been described as disturbing, grotesque or hysterical.

-The imprint of dance theater in the canon of dance is not necessarily a technique, but more like a legacy.

Listen to the podcast
- titled "The Body and Everything It Carried" - to hear more about Bausch, Szeinblum and dance theater.