Deeper into Findlay//Sandsmark: Claudia La Rocco Nov 9, 2015

by Erin

Poet, writer, critic (NY Times, ArtForum) and OtB Writer-in-Residence Claudia La Rocco collaborated with Findlay//Sandsmark on biograph, last year was pretty//sh*tty. The piece opens with an unsettling documentary-style video made by OtB alum Young Jean Lee, following/invading the personal life of biograph performer Joey Truman. La Rocco's text, a reaction to the film and commentary on manipulation, power structures of director vs. performer, and Truman himself, scrolls simultaneously as the film plays.

Claudia La Rocco is the author of The Best Most Useless Dress (Badlands Unlimited), selected writings encompassing poetry, performance texts and criticism. She edited I Don’t Poem: An Anthology of Painters and DancersBuildings and People in the Streets, the catalogue for Danspace Project’s PLATFORM 2015, which she curated. Her work has been presented by The Kitchen, The Walker Art Center, Kiria Koula, Tokyo’s Dance New Air Festival, among others. She is on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts’ graduate program in Art Criticism and Writing, contributes to The New York Times and and runs