Deeper Into Findlay//Sandsmark Nov 3, 2015

by Erin

Findlay//Sandsmark (F//S) is a Norway-based performance company helmed by tech genius/director Iver Findlay and choreographer/performer Marit Sandsmark. A couple in art as well as life, the company works in the borders between performing arts and installation, creating mesmerizing visual works with equal live elements. 

F//S often work with artists of other disciplines, depending on specific projects. This has led to collaborative work with Eric Dyer (Radiohole), Ruud van den Akker (Wooster Group), Claudia La Rocco (NY Times and ArtForum critic, OtB writer-in-residence), playwright Young Jean Lee, and visual artists Jason Rogenes, among others.

Learn more about projects, read reviews, and more at their website.