Dear NWNW Jun 14, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

Well, I wanted to blog with MP, but he told me  “I have my own voice. ” Then he totally showed me up by blogging in a timely manner and with some amazing haikus. But it’s not a competition. I have my own voice. And here it is. Dear Ginger Moloko, I love the idea of apocalyptic cabaret, making lists and changing outfits with every number, but all these fabulous details did not add up to much. I want to let you know that I really enjoyed my Mento at the time, but that the sugar dried my mouth out later and I regret accepting it. Dear Joe Von Appen, In most of the solo shows that I’ve seen, the performer has filled the space with energetic banter. What a pleasure to see a solo show that was both captivating and gentle. The 20 minutes only gave us 1/3 of the panoramic view of the emotional landscape you were portraying. I’d like to see more. Also, you are hilarious. People are awfully people. So true. Dear tEEth, That was amazing and frightening. Spore-like bathing beauties, latex, executioner masks, bodies tumbling across one another and then someone wearing a stag’s head, reminding me of pagan worship. I was blown away and omg the earth is dying! But then it was also really funny. You were all so sweet when I met you before the Mainstage show, why did you make such a scary show? Dear Erin Jorgenson, This piece was exquisite in its simplicity. The marimba with story-telling was dream-like, heightened by Charles Smith’s lighting. Tell me more, tell me more, I am so into it. Dear Implied Violence, You went hard. You had cake. The technology was actually cool instead of just sounding cool on paper and then being really boring, except to  ”˜technical’ people. You had a funny megaphone and that kiddie farm machine. Your program notes tipped the bit and also my head hurts. Please continue to work and produce. R from Helsinki