Dayna Hanson: We Never Like Talking about the End <font size=2>by Michael Seiwerath</font> Dec 1, 2006

by Tania Kupczak

Dance theatre about the near-death community & spirituality, intercut with an American independent film and an appearance by the choreographer’s father. Once again Dayna Hanson has taken disparate elements that should equal a disaster, and somehow created a sweet, endearing work of art. Even as Dayna has moved farther away for focusing on choreography in recent years, the dance pieces of We Never Like Talking About the End remain blindingly brilliant. With an expansive set of domestic locations (kitchen, dining room with television set, Ping-Pong table) the performances sprawl across room, and occasionally get bogged down by video sequences. But the show always keeps you engaged, and the dance remains urgent, even when it is casual and vernacular. The greatest discovery for me was the amazing band. Dayna, Dave Proscia and Maggie Brown perform their original music on-stage with guitar, piano and drums. It’s shockingly beautiful, and when combined with the dances, makes for flashes of brilliance I’ve not seen in a theater for quite a while.