Dayna Hanson in The 53rd State Occasional No. 1 Dec 4, 2013

by Erin

53rd State Press is a super-cool small & sustainable press house that publishes new plays and performance texts that "interrogate, challenge, renew, and emblazon the language of performance" (to quote their website).

The Occasional invites a guest editor to talk with artists, thinkers, and members of the performance community about specific questions or topics. In the inaugural issue, theater-maker/performer Paul Lazar asks: what matters most? Buy the book and read answers from Dayna Hanson, Young Jean Lee, Jim Findlay, Scott Shepherd, Erik Ehn, and others).

53rd State Press publishes new work four times per year. The artist line-up is fantastic and includes OtB artists Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Tina Satter, Kristen Kosmas, and Miguel Gutierrez.