Currently in NYC and upcoming on Feb 23, 2010

by Jessica

...Radiohole! They won hearts in Seattle during their 2009 run of Fluke  and are currently making waves in NYC again with Whatever, Heaven Allows at PS 122.  According to PS122's website, here's  what they're up to this time:

Radiohole's newest work is a star-spangled American meta-melodrama inspired by film director Douglas Sirk's 1950s potboilers and Milton's epic Paradise Lost. Our heroine is an all- American "Eve" who must save her home from an evil-doer while struggling to find fulfillment in a lasting relationship with a supposedly good man who looks like god. Radiohole's newest synthesis of cultural flotsam is sure to be bawdy, silly, possibly transcendent, and a touch disturbed.

In the next couple weeks we'll be flying crews to NYC to film the project for Watch for more info to come about the release of Whatever, Heaven Allows. In the meantime, click on the image below to check out a teaser trailer for the show. show-whatever