Curator's Note - Kyle Abraham Apr 19, 2012

by Jessica

Here's a little preview of the program note for Kyle Abraham:

You’re bored. Or you think there’s nothing good to see. And then KABAM! You see a project by an artist that totally restores your faith in seeing art. That’s been my experience watching performance over two dozen years.  Going to the theater feels like a hopeful ritual. If you are devoted and constant, you will be rewarded for your effort.

Sixteen months ago this was my mindset when it seemed like every other artist or colleague I spoke with mentioned the name of Kyle Abraham. As soon as I watched a little video, I was intrigued. After an introductory phone conversation with Kyle, I was hooked.

He’s sort of a dance polyglot but it’s a lot more fluid than a little Merce over here, a little hip hop over there. Like lots of talented young choreographers, his extraordinary ability as a dancer sets the tone for what happens on stage, and what happens feels deep. The influences and inspiration and reference all fit like a well-worn baseball glove.

The subjects of the work continue to be socially relevant, unfortunately. A friend who is a doctor in the Bronx attended a showing of Live! with me in NYC and cried all the way through. She said afterwards, “You don’t understand. Half the kids I see day in and day out deal with bullying and homophobia in a major way. It’s really devastating.”

We’re proud to have hosted Kyle and his dancers for a week-long creation residency this past fall as part of our Dance Production Program. Congratulations to Kyle and everyone who is part of this project for making such an inspiring and moving performance.