Culturebot reviews b.c,...: "Guibert moves like pretty much no one I’ve ever seen" Oct 1, 2010

by Jessica

Culturebot, the NYC-based online magazine covering all things contemporary art, reviews Christian Rizzo's b.c, janvier 1545. fontainebleau.:

"’s as twisted and fascinating piece of choreography as I’ve seen in a long time."

"...Guibert moves like pretty much no one I’ve ever seen. Her stage presence is stunning, and watching her do a full extension with her head on the floor is as fine a demonstration of what makes someone a truly accomplished dance artist as you could ask."

"Rizzo works in a similar way [to My Bloody Valentine], crafting a piece in focus is constantly shifting between Guibert and him, between live people and inanimate objects, at the same time you’re receiving a barrage of sonic noise and an ever-shifting visual palette."

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