A couple final Radoslaw Rychcik reviews Jan 24, 2011

by Jessica

Radoslaw Rychcik and company have just rounded out their North American tour with a final stop at the excellent PuSh Festival in Vancouver BC (check out what they have going on for the remainder of the festival). Since their departure a couple more reviews have been published:

"Perhaps no artist visiting Seattle’s On the Boards has taken on the subject of this peculiar audience/performer relationship as directly as Polish director Radosław Rychcik, whose unorthodox interpretation of playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès’ In the Solitude of Cotton Fields took the theater’s main stage by storm January 13-16." - ArtDish

"In the Solitude of Cotton Fields, an adaptation of a play by Bernard-Marie Koltès, produced by the Polish theater company, Stefan Zeromski Theatre and directed by 29 year old rising theatrical legend Radosław Rychcik has, at times, that same power and charisma and charm and sense of real artistry. It also has moments of banality and unoriginality and borders on a parody of European Performance Art, Former Soviet Bloc Country Division." - Seattle Gay Scene

Check them out!