Conversation with the Divine Apr 29, 2011

by Eric Pitsenbarger

There was a narrative, it emerged in certain passages: with boy meets girl, is confronted by a rival, fights and looses but is nevertheless the winner anyway; but the bigger story of freedom, of beautiful, unrestrained euphoric freedom that in it's-self, reaches to an epiphany of spiritual awakening and expression became the flying carpet ride I took. Piggybacked upon the predictable story of meeting, analogous of base human interaction and how being changed by the emergence of a new, better truth is the giddy thrill. The excitement of being free beyond the known world, of striking out 'Into The Void' and trusting the process of creation and of empowering yourself along the way and further...of illustrating the impossible electric connection that is a spark of an idea and it's ultimate depiction. An Olympian achievement for any artist and one that could be depicted in terms of conversing with the divine. The collaborative process of marshaling learned craft, body and soul, of expanding one's self and finding to your heart's delight that you are still you...but are more, is momentous. The ecstasy of well being it engenders; the satisfaction that comes from peace within and radiates out, touching and warming the world around you.

I felt Catherine's warmth beaming from all sides. From nuanced, strong, balanced bodies and facial expressions projecting the ebb and flow of emotion. One performer in particular (who in my mind represented the higher self), wore such a beautiful open, strong look of ebullient compassion. Uplifting and constant. I was buoyed in her Goddess persona as violence occurred, disappointment and failure happened, she would emerge into the collection of anthropomorphic deity-like voices to return focus, give solace and restore the charged warmth. Throughout, I felt a galloping momentum of once restrained power now unleashed, fueling every movement, infusing theatrics and became the unapologetic, over arcing reason for this work...and spoke further to me of the raison d'être in any artist's impulse. To articulate what it is to perceive of something and to express it truthfully. Catherine Cabeen is a true artist; an exquisite and articulate dancer. A masterful and gorgeous work of art is upon us and I am a better person...a bigger and warmer person for having witnessed. Thank you.