Congratulations to 2011 Artist Trust Arts Innovators Oct 4, 2011

by Monique

Congratulations to choreographer Pat Graney winner of the Arts Innovator Award, and to visual artists SuttonBeresCuller, winner of the Arts Innovator Special Recognition Award.

Both reciepients of the 2011 Arts Innovators Awards recieve unrestricted cash awards from Artist Trust, the Arts Innovator Award being the largest monetary award available to a generative artist residing in Washington State. 

Here's a little of what they had to go through to recieve the award:
Four panels, representing literary, media, performing and visual arts and consisting of three expert jurors each, and one multidisciplinary panel consisting of five jurors, selected award finalists and recipients from 133 applicants. More information about the Arts Innovator Award, including the application process plus a list of panelists and finalists, can be found at


Join OtB, Artist Trust, and the recipients on November 8, 2011, 7pm, at OtB for a moderated discussion on the wellspring of innovation in art throughout Washington Stateis, which will include the award recipients.