Congrats to Kai - winner of a Pick 6 Subscription! May 15, 2013

by Lindsay

Kai - you just won a Pick 6 for our 13/14 Season!! 

We have 2 more amazing prizes to give away to our GiveBIG donors. Do YOU want to win a Complete Series Subscription or free drinks for a year? Become a donor through GiveBIG!

You can give today until midnight through our profile on The Seattle Foundation website here:

Every donation – no matter the size – made to OtB through The Seattle Foundation’s website today will grow even more from an $800,000 stretch pool by The Seattle Foundation and their sponsors. Plus, donors will be chosen at random throughout the day to have an additional $1,000 “Golden Ticket” given to the charity that received their donation. 

Not only will The Seattle Foundation stretch your gift, but OtB can double it! The first donations made to OtB through GiveBIG up to $5,000 will be matched by 2 generous donors. Help us start the morning off on a great foot and double your support.

Your donations are critical to OtB's success this season - we hope you join the hundreds of donors who have given BIG this year with a donation today.