Congrats to Day 5's winner... May 5, 2010

by Jessica

...3CountyLaugh! Here's what he had to say about the distribution of film online:
I completely agree with Gina, but if my ONLY chance of seeing companies from around the globe is on-line, I’ll take it. If I’m hemming & hawing about $40 tickets to something I prefer a little on-line taste to know if it’s worth it to step deeper and spend the money. To Matthew’s point about the MET’s HD. A friend of mine discovered he loved opera this way. Never would have spent the cash to see opera of any sort without this. It’s like sending ellementary kids to the Symphony: they may not appreciate it at first, but some things you have develop a taste for (like curry). For those who didn’t grow up around the arts I think video is an excelent bridge. It allows to experience arts of all sorts without feeling like you might be judged for going to such things. I think it’s a great way to break down class barriers too. I’ve watched all the shows on live and have watched many of them on-line as well. They are very different, and I would say compelling in different ways. I am glad to have the video to remind me of the things I loved in those performances and re-sharpen them in my memory.
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