Collage of thoughts about Lola Arias: El ano en que naci Sep 22, 2013

by Zach Huntting

You know how salaried workers tend to hit the bar at 5PM to refresh their mindset?  Watching this play is about 1,000 times more effective at doing that.  You will be moved to tears, and you will forget about all your deadlines.  Why? Because nothing matters more than what you've just experienced.  Bravo to the brave performers for their courageousness.  To call this a play or theater feels like it cheapens it.  This was a work of heartfelt authenticity the likes of which I've never before experienced.  It's not just the raw emotion though -- the rhythm of the language was hypnotic, and the cast was beautiful.  Absolutely must-see.  In Spanish, but subtitled in English.  Not recommended for a first date.

Visual bricolage inspired by the play and designed by S. Bannick.