Cineastas Review Feb 2, 2015

by Hanako O'Leary

I went to see Cineastas because I wanted to get away from the Superbowl. It sounded like the opposite of a Superbowl party. A foreign performance about the creative process presented in a theater known for showing experimental performance art.  

Or I can go to some party and watch TV eating 7 layer bean dip....  I'll take the play. (Nothing against bean dip, I love bean dip.)

What I was expecting was some dry play about life, and art and what it all means or perhaps it all means nothing... Something deep and quiet and dreary. But in fact the experience was much more colorful. It was a whirlwind of plot lines and characters. Played out one after the other with a handful of actors each playing three or more parts, the play was in Argentinian Spanish with very few English subtitles. The actors switched parts right before my eyes with no costume or set changes. Although I couldn't understand what they were talking about for most of it, the exaggerated, overly pronounced acting made it easy to follow the many plot lines and pick up on most of the humor without knowing the language.

Somehow I got through the better part of two hours without being totally lost and bored like I tend to get with some foreign art experiences with subtitles. There were some good jabs about selling out, to "multinational companies" or what they really meant, American popular culture- most notable were the references to McDonald's and "American Rap Videos."

The double two story set was and interesting way to present the story, and the techy dude who executed all the set and prop changes was efficient and attractive.  

After stepping out of the theater, there was two minutes left to the game and Seahawks were down by 4 behind the Patriots. The pockets of cheering I could hear from all corners of Lower Queen Ann reminded me very much of the what I had just seen in Cineastas. In cities world wide, people devote themselves in a fierce battle to create and express something.  It is a totall guess as to whether their efforts will be successful, but they will risk everything to make it happen. 

All we can do is cheer them on and hope for the best. Even if the game is lost, at least it made for a good show.