chelfitsch: post-show dialogue Jan 29, 2009

by Jessica

I pretty much always go see OTB shows with my sweetheart, who I'll call A.   After shows, A and I generally have a pretty vibrant conversation about our first thoughts.   I thought I'd try to capture at least part of that conversation for this post. Me:   I really would have liked that show when I was 20. A: Why is that? Me:   I don't know... It's just what I was into then. A:   Yes that makes sense.   You like putting every day in art whereas I like putting the art in every day. Me:   That's not quite what I meant.   I was really into the disassociation between a person and what they are saying and what they do, especially on stage. A:   Hhmn... Me:   Though I did have a really, really hard time paying attention to everything. A:   I really liked the supertitles and hearing it all in Japanese. Me:   I could not pay attention to the inflection in the language, the supertitles and the movement.   A:   The movement wasn't worth watching.   It didn't add anything. Me:   The movement was a big part of it for me, but it was pretty unrealistic.   People just don't move like that.   A:   But people are always moving and twitching.   I twitched through the whole show.   Everyone moves all the time -- even I scratch my butt, but not when everyone's looking. Me:   Even though the movement was unrealistic, I was still really frustrated that I couldn't pay attention to everything.   I would have almost liked it just as much if I had read it as a short story. A few minutes pass in silence. A:   It could have been five days anywhere.   Me:   Yes it could have been.   I'm not saying that the story was unrealistic - it's just that I didn't' identify with the characters, how they were moving or how the story was told.   The lack of through line of characters and story and the stylized movement just made it all seem so fake to me.   Obviously, I did not love the experience of watching the show; I felt disengaged from the performers and their story, largely because of the stylized movements.     Even with that feeling, there is something grabbing me from the show.   There's something compelling that I can't quite name.   It will likely haunt my dreams and it won't be until tomorrow that I actually appreciate the time I spent watching chelfitsch. -Anonymous