2014 Festival Artists: Helena Theatre Company Jun 12, 2014

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2014 Festival Artists: Hand2Mouth Jun 12, 2014

Some stuff to know about Portland's reigning theater champs, Hand2Mouth:

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2014 Festival Artists: David Schmader Jun 11, 2014

Things to know about Festival artist David Schmader:

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2014 Festival Artists: Erin Pike Jun 11, 2014

Local artist Erin Pike teams up with writer Courtney Meaker and director Katherine Karaus to create that'swhatshesaid, a performance compiled of only the female dialogue from the most-produced plays of 2013-2014.

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2014 Festival Artists: Amy O'Neal Jun 10, 2014

Get savvy with Seattle choreographer Amy O'Neal:

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2014 Festival Artists: Coleman Pester // Tectonic Marrow Society Jun 10, 2014

Some things to know about Coleman Pester // Tectonic Marrow Society:

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NW New Works Festival – June 6-8 Jun 9, 2014

Manifesto by Ilvs Strauss – They looked at the sea cucumber. “You can try to touch it.” “No, I don’t want to touch it.” “Try it!” “No.” “Try it!” “Why don’t you try touching it!”…….. Her lying still on the floor, meditating on the concept of production of life, something that will continue to live after one has gone; something you will make for this world. Clothes, shoes, candy snacks were taken out of the bag of sea cucumber and reincarnated into their next life when they were put on by her, put into her mouth and became part of her body.

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2014 Festival Artists: Wayne Bund/Feyonce Jun 9, 2014

Some interesting facts about the half-academic/half-performance artist Wayne Bund:

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NW New Works Weekend 1 Jun 8, 2014


I know that my Google Calendar and the lengths of days would disagree, but for me summer officially begins when On The Boards kicks off NW New Works. There is just something so special about this huge pile of new works performed by a vast array of artists that gives the feeling of a shift. It's a cultural solstice of sorts. A renewing of the energies that sends us off on the next season's adventure. The 2014 NW New Works solstice got off to a great start.

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Main Stage Weekend #1 Jun 8, 2014

It’s all very dark. Dark and oily slick. The looming dark foreboding, pressing down, pushing in, seeping from underneath to drown everything in shadow. The zeitgeist of cool detachment, of heavy import and of skating just above the void. It could all be a playbook for our collective unconscious. Repelled by the implied violence yet inexplicably drawn towards the edge. Sexy, thick and pounding, projecting a somnambulant emotionless über, this show could have been titled:  NW New Nihilism. 


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