Podfest #2 | Grace Carter | <i>still</i> Jun 5, 2010

VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE Still employs a secret communication that can only be known to the protagonist. Order is desperately trying to be achieved as a litany of numbers is repeated, implying a formula or idea that she is attempting to resolve but is ultimately unsolvable.

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Podfest #1 | Acacia Marable | <i>3 Cowboy Acts</i> Jun 4, 2010

VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE My alter ego is a cowboy. 3 Cowboy Acts is a short sampling of a much longer documentation of my attempts to learn exactly how to be a cowboy.

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Introducing our NWNW guest blogger Jun 4, 2010

Long-time patron and all-around great guy Shango Los will be coming to see all the showcases in the NW New Works Festival this weekend and next, and giving us his take on the performances. By way of introduction, here's a short bio: With a background in the visual arts, Shango Los was instantly enamored with contemporary dance after attending the first On the Boards performance by Japan’s Dumb Type in 1999.

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NW New Works Audio Interviews May 25, 2010

We're getting close to kicking off yet another amazing NW New Works Festival. Our artists have been hard at work choreographing, costuming, composing, and crafting their pieces for this year's showcases. They took some time out to interview one another about their creative processes. Click on each pair of artists to hear them talking to each other about the work that's being made! [mp3s]

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Farfetcher previews the 2010 NW New Works previews May 17, 2010

Julian Martlew, OtB's Sound Technician extraordinaire and musician (check him out), has started up a blog called Farfetcher in which he chronicles performances he sees around town and the shows he plays. Over the past weekend, Julian was there along with a few other OtBers for the NW New Works previews.

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The PodFest application is now available! Feb 17, 2010

It's the return of PodFest, our online showcase of new digital performative works that runs concurrent with the NW New Works Festival. Click here to download the application [Word Doc] Applications are due by April 26, 2010, so start making some art!

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NW New Works reviews! Jun 17, 2009

Here are a few of the NW New Works reviews that have rolled in this week: Seattlest takes on both the Studio and Mainstage showcases for weekend 2. The Seattle Weeky reviews th

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Weekend 2 of NWNW, Studio + Mainstage Jun 16, 2009

If the Weekend 2 showcases of NW New Works this year were any indication of Weekend 1, I'm sorry to have been out of town at that time. Way to shake off the shackles of geographic anaemia, northwesterners! What a captivating display of creative vitality. Sunday night on the mainstage: The evening begins with It's Just a Dance by the response. I would say that it's much more than just a dance, it's a successful lobby installation. Seeing a good pre-show lobby installation is like spotting a pegasus perched on top of a tree outside your window.

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NWNW Weekend 2 | Mainstage Jun 15, 2009

The NWNW mainstage showcase on June 14 was an exciting evening of dance that raised many questions for me as a viewer. The show made me wonder about the relationship between kinesthetic and aesthetic choices, about abstracting the body, about virtuosity and how it can be both invigorating and isolating. I feel that great art should provide more questions than answers so as to inspire inquiry into art and life.

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NWNW Festival | Podfest Video #6 Jun 14, 2009

Alice Gosti | Hit Me
This video was only available for the duration of the 2009 NWNW Festival.

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