Experience as a guest Curator for 12 Minutes Max Jun 17, 2008

I was guest curator for the last show of the season ending in 2008. John Wilson was my co-curator. Not having been a curator before I was apprehensive about doing it, but very thrilled as well since I have been a subscriber to OtB for years and have been going to 12 Minutes Max for years as well. I was so thrilled that I skipped plans to go to San Francisco’s Symphonies Black & White Ball, something I haven’t missed since 1981. John Wilson, my co-curator, is a very experienced teacher at Cornish who specializes in dramaturgy.

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12 Minutes Max Mar 13, 2008

experience live music gender complexity heartfelt storytelling atmospheric theater exquisite vocals humor poignancy skilled dancing chance and improvisation desolation technological dilemmas posturing penis stories magic 12 Minutes Max March 16, 17

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It just gets better and better! Oct 3, 2007

Remember in my earlier blog when I mentioned "delicious audience treats" being served at the upcoming 12 Minutes Max season premiere kick-off extravaganza shindig show? Well, a lot has happened since then. Calls have been made, emails have been sent, people have been talking to people and, as a result of this back and forth rigamarole, I have some insanely exciting news to share with you. The aforementioned treats are going to be provided by Trophy Cupcakes!

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Upcoming 12 minutes max, baby! Oct 1, 2007

So... 12mm is about to kick off it's 2007/2008 season and we're not kidding, SugarShorts, the premiere episode is gonna blow your stemcells, implode your mind, and make you wanna dance and sing and shake and shout! An incredible pile of talented people auditioned and we could easily have pulled off a 6 + hour "Gatz" length show, however Sean (Mr. Control Freak) Ryan quickly talked us down, and forced us to embrace the painful process of elimination. It was a bloody back and forth battle to be sure, but the end result is a dyno-mite lineup. You like dance? We got it!

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12 Minutes Max: Black Rose Movement & Northwest Dance Syndrome Mar 13, 2007

Black Rose Movement Ok, next up is a dance group called Black Rose Movement, but I don't remember the name of their piece... Matt, do you remember what it was called? Matt? Well... this one is sort of a duet between two office workers competing with in the corporate system. And I think there's a third corporate boss person who pushes them around, and finally breaks them apart. I guess it doesn't really matter what it's called. We liked these dancers. It's gonna be great. Northwest Dance Syndrome Now that's a cool name. But that's not all it takes for me to like modern dance.

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12 Minutes Max: Leland Leichman Mar 9, 2007

Leland Leichman writes about love, smeared on the walls of a bathroom stall. His life is his favorite movie: SCENE: A bedroom with an apple tree in it. CUT TO: the dog with two different colored eyes. Leland also sings and plays the guitar. His voice sounds like a cross between Mark Lanegan and Stephin Merritt, with a little Tom Waits thrown in. He's got one of those resonator guitars, I think the National tricone style, but I'm not really a guitar guy so I might be wrong. You can hear some of his songs on his myspace page:

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12 Minutes Max #6 Mar 5, 2007

Rob Witmer, one of our esteemed curators for the 12 Minutes Max showcase on March 18 & 19, begins a series of previews of the artists he and Matthew Richter chose for the performance: Does anyone remember the Baithouse restaurant on Seaview? Charles Leggett does. So much that he's written a poem about a live jazz performance he saw there while eating the best crab sandwich in the Seattle. Mr.

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ArtDish Review of 12 Minutes Max Feb 23, 2007

Jim Demetre is the greatest. He shows up, always. He cares. He puts a lot of thought into what he's doing. And he wrote this right-on review of 12 Minutes Max. I think it's hard for writers to even consider reviewing this showcase, as it is only two nights, it's different every time, and a lot of the performers are unfamiliar (Jen Graves and Regina Hackett were both there, too, taking notes - but I haven't seen anything yet.).

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I heart links (sausage, too) Feb 16, 2007

How about a little pre-12mm study guide? Here you go.

Here's where I work. Here's where Eric works. We LOVE art! It's true!

Here is Eagle Quest

Tom Blood - here and here

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More Loaded Rifles Feb 16, 2007

Wow, you're so smart to remember that Chekov loaded rifle quote. I am so excited about the BMX ballet! The video from last year's NWFF Bike-In was great - and I like to see the OTB sidewalks used for more that loitering smokers. I was talking to Mike Pham, of Helskinki Syndrome. His tech is at 9 freaking 30 A.M. So if he looks sleepy when you see him singing "We Didn't Start The Fire" at karaoke after Sunday night's show, that's why. Ok. I need to feed our child some dinner now. Blog less, parent more. Parent smarter, not harder? Blog harder, not smarter?

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