Burning Doors: No Way Out Sep 29, 2017

by Koushik Ghosh

Belarus Free Theatre: Burning Doors

Belarus Free Theatre: Burning Doors (photo: Nicolai Khalezin)

A certain terror seeps into collective dreams, when the king, the Tsar, the head of state, even a generally benevolent autocrat, who is supposed to govern, protect and uphold justice decides to unleash terror, when even the smallest of his possessions are threatened or damaged by a resident of the state. 

Western Europe began getting rid of kings and queens in 1789. But the experiment stuttered soon after, with the emergence of Napoleon as Emperor. Sometimes, societies, despite costly revolutions, despite removal of kings, Tsars and dictators and malevolent autocrats, find that they are still locked in a mortal struggle for securing human dignity, as new governance mechanisms are manipulated or corrupted allowing a group or person to capture the state, consolidate power employing the apparatus of the state to repeat old crimes of stripping human beings of their inherent right to sleep free and Dream. 

Burning Doors, chooses, the present Russian state as the theater of this play of state-sponsored terror, and invites the audience to participate in the micro revolutions, that we are all capable of, to bring forth collective change, again and again, and again, to not stop, till the Right to Human Dignity is restored to our Consciousness, both individual and collective, so that our Dreams remain Free, uncontaminated by Fear, glorious with possibility. 

The intense physicality of the movement of this passionate group of actors and artists drives home the message that Christian forgiveness is not an option in this struggle. The only option is resistance. Forgiveness, only allows us to continue to live in fear of our neighbors, while being ruled by criminals, a life not noble and large as it pretends to be, but one in which the great blessing of love of our fellow being is stunted, destroyed. 

Belarus Free Theatre speaks to us in urgent times, in an urgent tone, to participate in a struggle that we all share, even if their chosen theater of action is Russia. They are artists who are carving out a place of political mission that is relevant to the times. 

Go watch them at OTB this weekend, to reinvest in Purpose, renew Hope and tear down the walls that starve our love and friendship, in lands of milk and honey. Even though the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, we are back to building new ones. Belarus Free Theatre offers us an alternative, a way out, by holding us close to them in a suffocating hold, that paradoxically, forces us to expel the polluting air inside so that the fresh breeze of new possibility can animate our dreams. 



Koushik Ghosh is an economist/poet/writer who is deeply interested in transnational issues, and the areas of social choice and justice. 


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