Bunnies, Then and Now Aug 11, 2012

by Shasti

Here at OtB, we have a long history of people in bunny costumes. Earlier this week we were sorting through our poster archive, and we came across this from 1997: 

We also found another bunny-suit image from Gob Squad's show Safe, which came to OtB in 2001. Both of these reminded us of another, more recent bunny-man:

Strange coincidence? It gets even stranger:

All three artists -- Ishmael Houston-Jones (whose name appears on the poster), Gob Squad (see link above) and Christian Rizzo (above, in bunny mask) -- will be back at OtB during our next season!

Christian Rizzo opens the 12/13 Season with a special event, Gob Squad will arrive shortly afterward with our first series performance, Gob Squad's Kitchen (You've Never Had It So Good), and Ishmael Houston-Jones will appear in And lose the name of action by Miguel Gutierrez in May.

Now we're just wondering if we'll have any bunnies this year...