Broen over Gjørme: in the words of the artists Sep 15, 2016

by Erin

photo courtesy Verdensteatret

The company describes the work Broen over Gjørme (Bridge Over Mud):

"A hybrid between concert, performance and installation,where the whole
space is played as one polyphonic audiovisual instrument."

We try to “play the whole room” like one big instrument. In this room everything is connected and can be played on from any thinkable angle. During the long working process in our studio in Oslo we have, step bay step, entered a total audiovisual laboratorium, a state of deep integration between musicians and performers, kinetic sculptures, video, sound, robotics, etc.

Broen over Gjørme can be seen both as an exhibition, as a concert, as a performance or as a diversity of artists handling an abstract, electromechanical object-theatre.There are no established notions of genre that can describe a work like this. In this landscape we can only walk as far as the shoes of reason will take us….then we jump…

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