blog the boards, weekend 2! Jun 18, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

Weekend 2 has been an extravaganza of words, dance and delight. I've been experiencing my own kind of performance art every night, right before 'Main Event' by pressing my ear up against the wall to listen to Hand 2 Mouth's 'Repeat After Me' and occasionally peeking through the tiny square window in the backstage door to see snippets of their show, from a backwards and unappealing angle. I hope I am not ruining the show for myself when I can see it from the front. Either way, the backstage collaborations between Hand 2 Mouth and Helsinki Syndrome are the seedlings of onstage collaborations. I can't review my own piece but rest of the studio series is very strong: Liminal, Paige Barnes and Hand2Mouth. Each group offers you the possibility of 'just another typical x' and then smashes the paradigm with bold originality. A friend of mine who had long ago given up on theatre told me he felt inspired to make art again. The Mainstage last night offered a huge variety of performance from solo storytelling to elegant dance to live art collage. Some thoughts: Persephone's Descent: simple, elegant choreography. strength, flexibility. Interesting acknowledgment of the musician. Beautiful, fascinating. Kerry Parker, I would like you to be my spirit animal. SuttonBeresCuller closed the evening with a huge stage presentation featuring a storefront that rotated into a bar, incredible masks, well-integrated video and painful dream imagery. Favorite moments included a bar patron with an octopus head, a drumming vet in a wheelchair and a bloodied doctor. For me, the most interesting and effective moment in the show was watching Earl Grey shuffle across the stage from his office to his bed, coupled with video of Earl walking through the rain. RH