Blog the Boards - still an important idea says the PI Dec 22, 2008

by Jessica

In Regina Hackett's article Seattle Art Museum's search for youth she mentions Blog the Boards - OtB's very own blog - and its origins as a suggestion for something SAM can do to engage the elusive 18 - 35 crowd in this city. Roughly 5 years ago we created this blog with this statement:
We hope to spark discussions between our bloggers and members of our audience - the people who most care about the work you see here at OtB.
But what if our bloggers write negative things about our work? Actually, we expect there will be criticism; we're very critical ourselves. But part of being an organization dedicated to contemporary performance is experimenting. And sometimes experiments don't work out. It's only by trying new things and seeing what works and what doesn't that better art gets made. If we don't make mistakes and miscalculations, then we're not taking enough chances. Art should move you. Good art should make your blood boil. Great art should grab ahold of your soul and compel you to respond. No reaction is the worst kind of failure for an artist. Unfortunately, for most of us, there are too few opportunities to get embroiled in passionate discussion about art. So with that in mind, we hope that Blog the Boards will be the kind of place where our artists and audience can express their passion about the work. Only one request: Let's not make this personal, okay? Express an opinion, but we won't publish personal attacks. Welcome to our great experiment.
There have been changes over the years (we began hosting the blog on our own, began posting media and other insights into OtB, etc), but we're still excited to continue the experiment.