BLEED by Tere O'Connor Nov 21, 2014

by Dani Tirrell

A large black box stage, simple but effective light design, no props, no video and no set design allowed my senses to become open to Tere O’Connor’s Bleed. It was a joy to witness dancers move with an empty stage as their playground. The dancers became the set, the video, the props and at times the sound score. Bleed is a dance about memory of previous choreographed works by Mr. O’Connor (You still have a chance to see his works poem, Secret Mary and Sister, Friday through Sunday at On the Boards and Velocity Dance Center).

The ensemble of eleven dancers invaded the stage with grace, love, balance and unbalance. Through the ensemble work, the solos, duets, trios and quartets each dancer commanded the stage with vigor and reckless abandon. One of my highlights were seeing the dancers rub their hands together vigorously then rub the heat of that action over their face and arms.  This simple gesture allowed me to sense what was and what is to come.

Bleed was filled with beautiful contradictions, strength and weakness, silence and noise, ugly and pretty, a quiet riot of dance composition. Bleed allows the audience to focus without distraction, rhyme or reason on the beauty of the dancer and mastery of the choreography.

Dani Tirrell
Dance Artist and 2014/15 OtB Ambassador