A Beginner's Guide to Pat Graney Oct 12, 2010

by Jessica

1. Pat has been creating work in Seattle for nearly 30 years. From her first piece in 1982 up until now, she has been a mainstay of the local dance scene and has toured widely (the original tours of Faith, Sleep and Tattoo took Pat and company everywhere from NYC to Germany to Chile). Take a look at this quick overview of Pat’s productions from over the years.

2. Pat and On the Boards have a relationship that extends back to the earliest days of the organization and Pat’s career. She used to trade work for rehearsal space when she was working on her earliest creations. She also named OtB’s longest running program – 12 Minutes Max.

3. A longterm focus for Pat has been the mentoring dancers who are early in their careers. Many established dancers and choreographers in Seattle got their start with Pat. Some of the artists who have worked with her in the past include Amy O’Neal, Kara O’Toole, Peggy Piacenza, KT Niehoff, Amelia Reeber, Amii Legendre and many, many more.

4. Similar to a few other artists in the season, Pat has often taken inspiration from visual arts. The opening to Faith, for example, is filled with references to paintings by Caravaggio. Check out this picture post for a peek at some images that inspired Faith.

5. One of the main throughlines in the triptych is the exploration of the culture of women. Look for more info on this soon when we launch the Performance Prospectus for Pat Graney. Check out our first Performance Prospectus for Christian Rizzo.