Beginner's Guide to Dayna Hanson Nov 23, 2010

by Jessica

Here's a pre-Thanksgiving, pre-opening of Gloria's Cause guide to Dayna Hanson! Watch for more information about Dayna, her company and this brand new work early next week.

1. From 1994 to 2006, Dayna Hanson was the co-director of Seattle dance company 33 Fainting Spells. Along with Gaelen Hanson, the company created performances that toured internationally and helped solidify Seattle as a center for dance. Read the Seattle Times requiem for the company to get more background info on the work that made them iconic.

2. While many people know Dayna for her work in dance and film, she actually got her start in creative writing while at the UW. Gloria’s Cause shows this skill off with more text in addition to the music and movement, making the piece into a rock musical.

3. In Dayna’s 2006 performance We Never Like Talking About The End she laid the roots for the band Today!. What started as Dayna, Dave Proscia and Maggie Brown soon expanded to include Paul Moore. In Gloria’s Cause all of the performers, including Dayna, Dave, Maggie and Paul, all play at least one instrument throughout the show. Check out some of their music videos on Dayna Hanson’s site.

4. Dayna is increasingly working with film. Since her early dance shorts in 2001, Dayna has continued to do more film directing and choreographing, including many shorts (see a list here) and a soon-to-be released feature length film. Dayna has also served as a producer and actually oversaw OtB alum Linas Phillips’ work Walking to Werner in 2006. Bonus connection – Dayna’s images for Gloria’s Cause were all taken by local star cinematographer Ben Kasulke.

5. Dayna is creating Gloria’s Cause as the main piece in a larger body of works. Check out Improvement Club, a short featuring Dayna and Dave alongside Ellie Sandstrom and Trevor Stadtmiller:

Dayna Hanson: excerpt from "Improvement Club" from Dayna Hanson on Vimeo.