Beginner's Guide to Catherine Cabeen Apr 22, 2011

by Jessica

1. Catherine Cabeen danced with legendary choreographer Bill T Jones from 1998-2005. Jones, who was one of the recipients of the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors (alongside Oprah and Paul McCartney), trained Catherine to dance the roles that he had originally created for himself. Later on Catherine began setting Jones’ work on companies and students in addition to acting as the Assistant Choreographer alongside Jones on the Broadway musical Spring Awakening.

2. Cabeen also performed with the iconic Martha Graham Dance Company. Founded in 1926 by Martha Graham, this company was a vehicle for the choreographer’s highly stylized form of movement and expression. In the modern dance canon, Graham’s technique remains one of the quintessential modern techniques and is often the kind taught to modern dance students.

Cabeen occasionally works with Richard Move who created Martha@, a series of performances that combine Move in Graham drag dancing and being interviewed as Martha herself. Read Cabeen’s thoughts on performing in Martha@ here.

3. Cabeen thoroughly researches as part of her process and did a series of lectures around the city leading up to the premiere of Into the Void. She distilled her lectures into a short essay that you can read in this blog post. The essay, Why Yves Klein, also gives insight into the artist.

4. In Into the Void Cabeen is working with many collaborators from a variety of disciplines and she’s no stranger to working outside of dance herself. In the past she has helped create work for theater companies like Philadelphia’s Pig Iron Theatre and Seattle’s aerialists The Cabiri.

5. In 2010, Cabeen visited the Walker Arts Center to see the Yves Klein retrospective. At the opening she was introduced to Klein's widow, Rotraut Klein-Moquay. An artist in her own right, she had actually worked with Klein on some of his pieces and talked with Cabeen about her experiences. Read Cabeen's story about it here.