Because you've been wondering Mar 17, 2008

by Tania Kupczak

Here are some FAQ's about our upcoming karaoke party. Q What songs are available? A Check out the online songbook Q Are slots being reserved for VIP’s? A Nope! We’re working on a first-come, first-served basis. Everyone has equal opportunity to put in a song! Q Do I have to come prepared with a song? A Not at all. Feel free to rehearse if you want, but our hunch is most people will decide on the spot and let the mood, songbooks and fellow patrons inspire them. Q Do I have to perform? A Absolutely not – there’s no pressure. If you don’t want to perform, come just to support OtB, enjoy cheap drinks, hang out with OtB friends, staff and artists, and watch the excitement unfold. Q Is it true that Sean Ryan will be wearing hotpants? A That information is classified. Q Why is there a cover? A It’s a fundraiser with every dollar going to OtB programming.