"A Bare Knuckled Knock Out" - read The Sunbreak review Apr 26, 2014

by Erin

"Vancouverites (BC) James Long (Theatre Replacement) and Marcus Youssef (Neworld Theatre) are longtime friends and theatre artists who have been performing this show since 2012. It is a testament to their maturity, professionalism, and the strength of their friendship that they are still at it. What begins as a couple of friends nattering wittily and discursively gets serious and, finally, brutal. There is no comfort here but it’s about as exciting and engaging as theatre gets.

... This is raw performance and feels a little unsafe. Thankfully the houselights come down before things get really ugly on stage. Without that stage and the commitment to tour and remain engaged with one another this kind of debate could tear friends apart. There are good reasons we don’t often talk this openly about privilege."

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