Badminton Royale: Arts Smackdown! Jul 29, 2009

by Tania Kupczak

As a fun addition to our annual Tailgate Party, OtB invited our peer arts-focused organizations to each submit a team to participate in Badminton Royale, a badminton round-robin tournament. Well, it seems that the arts community is far from the touchy-feely portrait we have painted in the past and our peers are hard-asses with competitive badminton in their pasts. Due to the high volume of smack-talking and request by some participants for things like  “rules, ” we have set up this blog to facilitate conversation about this exciting  “community building ” event. PARTICIPANTS AND VOYEURS, please come here for your one-stop for information on Badminton Royale. THE DETAILS: When: Tuesday, September 22nd from 5pm-9pm (if we have lots of teams, we may start a bit earlier) What: A badminton round-robin tournament for teams of 2 players. (a final schedule and tournament rules will be distributed once we have a better sense of the participants) Why:   For the last 2 years, On the Boards has kicked-off our season with a Tailgate Party in our parking lot. To celebrate we fence in the lot, serve $1 beers, eat hot dogs, sit in the back of pick-up trucks, do cheers and play games. This year we thought it would be fun to include all our friends & peers Where: The On the Boards parking lot at the corner of 1st Ave. W and W. Roy (across the street from our theater) Who: So far, the following organizations have submitted teams: 4Culture, ACT, Central District Forum, EMP/SFM, Frye, Giant Magnet, Henry, Intiman, Meany Hall, NW Film Forum, OtB, the Rep, SAM, Seattle Opera, SIFF, STG, The Stranger, TAM, & Town Hall. If you want to submit a team, please email Rules for the tournament will be posted soon ”¦..