"avant-garde unicorns" Feb 24, 2010

by Jessica

Today just keeps delivering more and more descriptions about OtB artists that are kind of incredible. The title of this post comes courtesy of in reference to Radiohole. The company's latest performance (soon to be featured on inspired this new description and this:
Life was dull and joyless, my theatre-going lackluster. Late-winter New York City blues have left me impatient, fractious, and listless. Where was the new important work to give me something to talk about, something to brag to friends that I'd seen? Who will blow my mind? What's a culture maven to do? But now I have found Radiohole and avant-garde unicorns are leaping over candy-colored experimental rainbows. Vigorous sloppy hilarious Radiohole, who put the fun, weirdness, wrestling, and beer back into downtown performance art.
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