ArtDish Review of 12 Minutes Max Feb 23, 2007

by Betsey Brock

Jim Demetre is the greatest. He shows up, always. He cares. He puts a lot of thought into what he's doing. And he wrote this right-on review of 12 Minutes Max. I think it's hard for writers to even consider reviewing this showcase, as it is only two nights, it's different every time, and a lot of the performers are unfamiliar (Jen Graves and Regina Hackett were both there, too, taking notes - but I haven't seen anything yet.). Artists making things for 12MM need smart criticism just as much as anyone else. "There is nothing I like more than reviewing a group of artists I've never seen before." Demetre is blushingly nice to me and Eric in the intro, and details every single act in the performance. Read the whole thing here. Posted by Betsey