Summer hours at OtB! Jun 27, 2017

a surfing dog

The box office is currently closed for the summer and will reopen in August. Most subscriptions can be purchased online, but if you have a question or would like to purchase a subscription over the phone, please call the main office at 206-217-9886. 

The administrative offices will also be closed July 3 - 7 for a short break. Have a great Fourth of July holiday! 


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OtB announces Betsey Brock as Executive Director Jun 23, 2017

Betsey Brock, Executive Director at On the Boards

Betsey Brock. Photo: Chase Jarvis


We are happy to announce that Betsey Brock has been appointed Executive Director of On the Boards. Brock will work to galvanize board, staff, and community support leading into On the Boards’ 40th Anniversary Year. She will continue to lead On the Boards fundraising, marketing, communication, and community-building efforts. 


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NW New Works 2017: Mother Tongue Jun 15, 2017

NW New Works 2017: Mother Tongue

Moving through strange worlds an alien and a believer seek refuge, an artifact, and understanding. Join us for <sic> by Mother Tongue, part of the NW New Works Studio Theater Showcase this Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 17! 


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NW New Works 2017: Julie Hammond Jun 14, 2017

NW New Works 2017: Julie Hammond

Môj Gidget by writer/director Julie Hammond is centered on a California-born Jew who travels to a landlocked country to learn to surf. Featuring pop music, dentistry, and a family story that can’t be told, come see it June 16-18 in the Studio Theater Showcase in the final weekend of NW New Works!

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NW New Works 2017: Ella Mahler Jun 13, 2017

NWNW 2017: Ella Mahler

In the NWNW Studio Showcase this weekend (June 16-18), Really, it’s this. by choreographer Ella Mahler presents two dancers who sort through any and all strategies in their search for “this” – an ever-changing, perhaps never-arriving solution or answer.

Really, it's this. is the final installment of a 3-piece series; the first two works include:

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NW New Works 2017: Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender Jun 12, 2017

NWNW 2017: Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender

Architectural drag. House-flipping dance. A shapeshifting crew transforms the space. Join us this weekend in the Mainstage Showcase of NW New Works (June 17-18) for The Renovation by Syniva Whitney/Gender Tender — a queering of the past and future of On the Boards as well as the developing landscape of Seattle. 


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NW New Works 2017: Petra Zanki Jun 12, 2017

NWNW 2017: Petra Zanki

In the NW New Works Mainstage Showcase for June 17-18, three dancers recollect objects of the remaining world in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. A blanket, a wind-up toy, a climbing harness, a sweater from 1978, and a jar of peppermints — how do they relate? 

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NW New Works 2017: Wade Madsen Jun 12, 2017

NWNW 2017: Wade Madsen

Weekend 1 of NW New Works was an exhilarating whirlwind of performances from 8 standout artists from Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver BC — are you ready for 8 more? Weekend 2 is almost here! 


Wade Madsen and 17 performers of all ages bring a dance to the Mainstage that captures the essence of what it is to be human and to look at life unfolding. 

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