1,2,3,4 - NW New Works Performance Review: Week 1 Studio Theater Jun 11, 2016

1.The southwest inspires extremes in a way the pacific northwest tends to mute them. In the high desert the summers scorch, the winters freeze, water is a scarcity until it flash floods, and life seems to hang on by a tenacious and ferocious patience. I remember walking past juniper scrubs that were over a thousand years old. I imagined living there but I felt like the extremes would push me to my edge and then past it.


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Is this love | By Writer in Residence Claudia La Rocco Jun 7, 2016

Is this what ____ is, she wondered, this always waiting and never being able to read the instructions. The lights always stay on for too long, go down too quickly. The people do inscrutable things. Is this love is this love is this love she chants to herself, counting the words out on her fingers and stopping when she gets to the pinky on the right word. The hip of the woman next to her is oozing into her own hip. When she twisted her neck down and to the left, it satisfied her with an ominous cracking jolt, something felt more than heard.

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Seattle's Nancy Guppy will be in the OtB mainstage lobby during the NW New Works Festival this year with a new project Empathic Listening Booth. Grab a beer from our FU-BEER GARDEN and some nosh from the food trucks outside and check out her installation between 7pm and 8pm in the mainstage lobby during both weekends of the festival. Get your NW New Works Festival Tickets today!

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