NW New Works 2016 Artist: Paris When it Sizzles! May 24, 2016

photo by Coley Mixan

Paris When it Sizzles! is the brainchild/band name of artist Coley Mixan, a multimedia artist and queer rock musician based in Seattle. Her work incorporates video, pie, cake, still images, original songs, GIFS, clay sculptures and more in an exploration of the theater of everyday existence. 


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In response to the 600 Highwaymen May 2, 2016

Young Woman takes the stage,
steps from darkness into the light like creation was her idea
and she belongs right where she placed her body.
Young Woman speaks but the words don't belong to her.
Other women's words have climbed into her mouth. 
The words were invited. They have her permission.
There is no tragedy here.

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Eleven Sentences for Employee of the Year May 2, 2016

Eleven Sentences for Employee of the Year

How old were you when you were eleven years old?

Employee of the Year, you are now three years old.

How old were you when you were three years old?

I was in an audience watching Employee of the Year.

How old were you when you had your first performance evaluation?

What do you see, on a scale of 1-10, in your favorite song or shadow?

On a scale of 1-10, what's your worst memory?

On a scale of 1-10, what's your most expensive memory?


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A Testament to the Power of Simplicity May 2, 2016

Employee of the Year is a testament to the power of simplicity...

...and it’s got me thinking about the impact of unadorned story telling and the truth seeking that ends up defining who we are.


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Employee of the Year Responses May 2, 2016

This evening I watched the performance Employee of the Year. I can’t call it a play because it’s deliverance and cast were so unique. Instead of having millions of dollars worth of props, costumes and sets all they had were their shadows and a carpet. They still managed to convey a beautiful and heart wrenching story. The five girls switched off, each playing a different part of J’s life. The many time jumps and opinions meld together to form a perfectly intense story about a girl’s life long search for her mother.


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