Happy That They Shared It: My Date With a Stranger for Dana Michel's Yellow Towel Mar 9, 2016

Part of the fun of lugging total strangers to On the Boards is that I get a dual surprise: I never know what to expect of either the show OR the person I'm about to meet. Awren Schwartz, my stranger for Dana Michel's Yellow Towel, did something awesomely unexpected and arrived at our platonic date with presents.


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Dana’s Michel’s YELLOW TOWEL: Veiled and Vulnerable Mar 8, 2016

Where am I in this?

She is in it for herself.

That’s not a bad thing.



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Performance Review: She the Black Child in the House Mar 8, 2016

Joyce Liao is a post-disciplinary artist from Seattle, often using improvised and choreographed movement, writing, videos or visual images as her creative media. This piece of writing is a reflection of the story woven in her mind while watching the performance.


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Familiar Mar 4, 2016

Coming out of tonights performacne of "Yellow Towel" all I can think is that I saw things that were familiar, but not to my life. There's a specific separation between me and the person I saw or might of seen onstage (the character) that I simultaneously wanted to be empathetic towards but never in the same situation.

What is to be done when you recognize something, or think you do?

Do you call it out? Do you try to help?

We might be tempted to say this speaks volumes, but what are we saying to ourselves?

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Yellow Towel Review Mar 4, 2016

When I walked into On the Boards last night to view Dana Michel’s Yellow Towel I was already in a mindset of comparisons. It’s often how I process, by comparing things. It’s the wonder of simile and metaphors and the workings of a poet.  Kendrick Lamar’s new album, or rather EP “untitled. unmastered” was set to drop at midnight and as hip hop’s most influential artist currently (in my opinion) I was primed to see what would come of it after the immense success and risk taking and historical relevance that was his previous album To Pimp a Butterfly. See? Comparison.


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Performance Review: YELLOW TOWEL Mar 4, 2016

i am a blonde woman.

i am a blonde woman who grows my hair out twelve inches or more at a time in order to chop it off and donate it.

i am a person who takes pride in my blonde hair.

i imagine it as a wig on the head of some white child with no hair of her own. i imagine her joyful.


there is a wig on stage, made up of some blonde hair.

a black woman. a blonde wig.


i have never before considered what my blonde hair might mean to that black woman.


Yellow Towel is a deep and unrelenting investigation.



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